Board of Directors New 2019 Members

Beyond Abuse proudly announces the appointment of seven new members to its Board of Directors for the two year term beginning January 2019!

Sherri Gordon, Barry Putnam, Dr. Mary Haigler, Stephanie Carter, Rhonda Cox, Elizabeth Taylor, and Chelsey Steifle will join 6 other members of the Board to provide governance and oversight to the agency which provides support and services to victims of child abuse and sexual assault in Greenwood, Laurens, and Abbeville Counties. 

front: Lisa Tolbert (Board President), Chelsey Steifle, Rhonda Cox, Sherri Gordon, Dr. Leslie Meyers, and Elizabeth Taylor
back: Outgoing board member Anthony Kidd, Dr. Mary Haigler, Stephanie Carter, outgoing board member Brent Paris, Barry Putnam, David Harrison, and Wilson Bruce
absent: Tracy Delander and Debbie Walling.

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