Collaborative meeting held with Leath and Self Regional April 2018

On Tuesday, April 10th Beyond Abuse’s Victim Services Manager, Elizabeth Wise, participated in a collaborative meeting at with Leath and Self Regional Emergency Care Center.  The purpose of the meeting was for each discipline to come together and discuss the process in providing best practice services to incarcerated inmates of sexual assault.  A tour was also taken for SC Department of Corrections (Leath and McCormick) to see the rooms used for sexual assault victims.

Those present and in picture include:

Patricia Yeldell-Warden, Leath

Jacquelynn Lewis- Associate Warden-Programs, Leath

Allison Glidewell- Associate Warden- Programs, McCormick

Tommy Farr-SCDC Police Services

Jeffrey Bowers-SCDC Police Services

John Barkley-SCDC PREA Coordinator

Ryan Phillips-SCDC Mental Health Professional

Nancie Bearden, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager-ECC Self Regional Healthcare

Elizabeth Wise, Victim Services Manager-Beyond Abuse

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