Volunteer Appreciation luncheon April 29, 2017

Victim Services manager, Elizabeth Wise hosted a volunteer appreciation luncheon on April 29, 2017 where she recognized volunteers for their service to the agency.    A big thank you to each one!!

1st Picture:  Award Recipients – L to R: Rebecca White (Vol of the Yr), Elizabeth Wise, Ari West (Vol Superstar Award), & Carrie Garner (Gwd Vol Recipient)
2nd Picture: Group Photo – 1st Row: Brenda White & Jeannie Capps; 2nd Row: Alison Romagnoli, Patsy Sirman, & Elizabeth Wise 3rd Row: Charlotte Ehney, Ari West, Brittany Bush, & LaShae Morgan; 4th Row: Jackie Smith, Carrie Garner, Rebecca White, & Annette Peksa
3rd picture: Abbeville Volunteer recipient – Dr. Leslie Meyers


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