Federal Funding for Erin’s Law programs

President Obama has signed legislation that will help states fund sexual abuse educational programs
Gillibrand, Heller and Feinstein’s Child Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention Act provides federal funding for schools to develop and implement or expand these programs for students, parents, and guardians. This bill funds school programs that provide age-appropriate lessons to primary and secondary school students on how to recognize and safely report sexual abuse. Twenty-six states, including South Carolina, have passed a version of “Erin’s Law,” legislation that requires public schools to provide child sexual abuse prevention education to students and professional development for school personnel. The Congressional action enables states to use some of the education funds they receive from the federal government for Child Sexual Abuse prevention education.

Beyond Abuse currently provides age appropriate education programs for all schools in our three county area that meet the criteria set forth in SC law.

Please contact the agency at 864 227 1623 if you are interested in learning more about the educational programs provided by Beyond Abuse.

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