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Please visit and help up meet our goal to raise $1500 to replace worn carpets in our victim service areas.

To Infinity and Beyond

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Creating a warm, safe, and healthy environment to heal

floor Dir SAP floor  Therapy room 1Beyond Abuse’s facility is in need of a facelift.  Our victim service areas have worn and stained carpet that needs to be replaced.  Our therapists often conduct age appropriate floor based activities with child victims.  Our wish is to replace these carpets with vinyl wood look flooring that will be more durable as well as easier to maintain and keep clean ( see pictures).  The cost is approximately $6500 for the entire project, but we have a potential grant that would fund the 1st $5000.  So we are asking for support of the additional $1500.  We have attached pictures for you to see our conditions.  I would only ask, “Would you like for your child to play on these floors”?  Our desire is to make our facility as pleasant an experience as possible for persons who have already experienced a huge trauma in their lives.

Please log onto and help us reach our goal to raise $1500.  The funding period will end Jan 15th 2015. 


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