RAINN offers Help Room for Military Victims

Supporting Survivors in the Military 
RAINN offers a variety of resources for both staff and community to support survivors of sexual assault who are active duty military or transitioning service members.   
New group chat resource for survivors of sexual assault in the Military!
Safe HelpRoom is a group chat service provided through DOD Safe Helplinethat allows sexual assault survivors in the military to connect with, and support, one another in a moderated and secure online environment. 

Created based on direct visitor feedback and built to specifically take into consideration the ever changing lives of military service members, Safe HelpRoom is open twice a week for two hours. Each session has a moderator who can help keep the conversation focused and a reviewer that ensures all participants adhere to some basic ground rules.
If you might benefit from talking with peers, visit safehelproom.org for session times and additional information. The service is free and no reservation is necessary. 
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