The Sexual Trauma & Counseling Center has become Beyond Abuse

Why “Beyond Abuse”?

The results of a 2012 Organizational Assessment revealed a level of discomfort and confusion with regard to the agency name Sexual Trauma & Counseling Center and the child advocacy program name, The Child’s Place.  A Community Awareness ad hoc committee was formed in 2013 and charged with the responsibility of determining the need for a name change and/or rebranding of the organization.  Two focus groups were held in March 2013.  The results of the focus group highlighted the concerns community leaders and partnering agencies had regarding “two names” and the “harshness” of the words “sexual trauma”.  It was concluded that the name Sexual Trauma & Counseling Center no longer described the full array of services being offered to victims, their families and the community.

Professional marketing consultants were added to the ad hoc committee and the name Beyond Abuse was selected and approved by the full Board of Directors.  A nonprofit corporation articles of amendment was filed with the State of SC Secretary of State and approved on June 13, 2013.

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